Porkulus Passes Senate

By | October 18, 2013

As expected, the Stimulus bill passed the senate today with a 61-37 vote at www.qlinkoutreach.com

Also as expected, we had three RINOs vote in favor of it. Arlen Specter of PA & Olympia Snowe & Susan Collins of ME.

We should follow suit with the Tennessee State House Republicans and throw these three traitors out of the Republican party like they did with their Speaker. This kind of action is inexcusable.

Our two Republican Senators from the great State of Texas did stand their ground and vote against it. In a statement made yesterday, Hutchison said:

“At a time when American families and businesses are facing economic hardship, any ‘stimulus’ should target job creation while being mindful of taxpayer burden and the growing deficit. This 778 page legislation, which will cost the American people a little more than $1 billion per page, is wrongly focused on spending programs that won’t effectively create jobs. Furthermore, some of this spending extends out as far as a decade, years after we have fought through this downturn. I believe that the best way to jumpstart our economy is through targeted tax cuts that quickly put money back in the hands of America’s small businesses and families. These tax cuts should work in concert with a limited spending program that emphasizes projects our government is going to do anyway, moving forward military construction, infrastructure and transportation improvements to spur job growth in Texas communities.”

The bill will now start negotiations between the House & the Senate before going to the President for signing.

Please call the three RINOs above and let them know that you consider them traitors to the Republican Party & Conservatism.

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